Capture the convenience of voice-enablement

Voice Enablement

Voice-based user interface
“Hey Alexa? How much are flights to Toronto in November?”

Understanding your customers is one thing but truly hearing them is something new, something bold and something modern businesses should not ignore. Respond when they speak by empowering your web service, application or website with a voice-based user interface.

VOIZIT maps online business to vocal commands so consumers and users can communicate to you through their trusted home assistants and virtual devices. This is an incredible option to enable for a wide range of businesses and applications including apps for music, podcasts, shopping, travel and more.

Virtual assistants and voice-enabled devices are becoming much more intertwined with the everyday life of the modern consumer. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage the growing market.

Voice-to-device Enablement

“My hands are full! Kitchen lights, on.”

Many hate the sound of their own voice, but we can make your products dance to the sounds of their voices.

VOIZIT builds the interface to enable devices, gadgets, tools and more with direct voice activation and operation without virtual speakers. This is the perfect opportunity for business leaders with unique products to add a new level of automation to widen the market of consumers.

By skipping the virtual assistants, smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices, your consumers can give their commands directly to your products. There will be no delays, no inconveniences and no loss of business when smart speakers have an upgrade.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to let your customers open a window with their voice, turn off a light or slide a curtain?

Voice Projects

For every amazing new project that comes across the VOIZIT desks, there are thousands of which we may have never heard. If you don’t quite see what you’re looking but know you want to incorporate voice-enablement, please feel free to contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

VOIZIT has a wide range of talents in use across many industries. We are open for consulting and development on private and public projects. This can include anything from bringing buildings to a more modern level of access for those with disabilities, adhering to new pandemic-enforced sanitation efforts in public spaces and enabling unique products

About Us

Hear your consumers! Let them speak for themselves. If they need something done, let them voice it.

VOIZIT provides voice-enablement services to businesses looking to better connect with modern consumers including products, gadgets, websites, services, applications, platforms and more.

VOIZIT works using both with third party devices like smart speakers (Siri, Home, Echo, etc.) or directly reacting to voice commands from customers.

Our services are wide ranging and we are eager to engage with any businesses looking to connect their offers through voice-enablement user interfaces

Voice Connect

Connect your website to virtual assistants and allow consumers to instantly make purchases from your website at the sound of their voice.

- Alexa, Cortana and the Amazon Echo devices

- Google Home devices

- Siri

- Other virtual assistant and voice enabled home automation device

An essential aspect to any successful business is to embrace the latest in technology. Virtual assistants and voice activated devices are becoming a growing presence in all our lives from our phones to our homes to our offices.

Get ahead of the technology and adapt early so you can make sure not to miss out the opportunities these great new devices present.

Communication is key is remaining accessible to customers so why not let them speak to your services directly.

Voice enablement works in a number of ways:

- Websites

- Inventory checks

- Business reports

- Online purchasing

- Travel booking

- Accessibility aid

- Rewards redemptions

- Scheduling

Voice Command Hardware and Software

For manufacturing companies, prototypes and gadgets, appliances and other important tools we provide the unique ability to introduce voice activation and operation.

Connect your equipment to voice activation enabled devices to allow users to operate at the command of their voice.

Voice activation brings access to users struggling with disabilities, convenience for some devices that might be out of reach and actively embraces new technologies that are growing in adaptation and usability.

- Home appliances

- Devices

- Office equipment

- Publicly accessible devices

Not only would voice activation be convenient, with the ongoing pandemic it would help to reduce the number of potential points of contact in public spaces where the virus can linger and potentially be passed on.